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Nobody likes the hustle and bustle of the city and would rather live there than anywhere else. The need for a location providing a suitable environment with technologically driven solutions rises accordingly. 

Located in the rapidly growing metropolis of Bangalore, Prestige Lavender Fields is a brand-new residential villa developed by the illustrious Prestige Group. A residential area featuring the finest amenities the Prestige Group has to offer, Prestige Lavender Fields is aptly named. Large, luxurious apartments can be found in this building. The pristine natural environment helps maintain its elite status. The developer promises to bring high-end services to the area, such as stunning new buildings and a quality of life on par with that of Bangalore. With an additional 5,679 square feet. Large windows, balconies, and high-end fixtures all contribute to the fresh airflow in these rooms. 

Prestige Lavender Fields’ designers toyed with the idea of an environmentally friendly building as part of the project. This unit benefits from a smart electric grid, a rain harvesting system, onsite waste management facilities, a continuous supply of clean water, and a sophisticated water management system.

Prestige Lavender Fields Bangalore’s high-end apartments serve as an example of the latest master plan and industry norms for building layouts and angles. These one-of-a-kind services are now accepting pre-launch bookings at special pre-launch rates. These high-tech flats are spread out over a sizable area, and they offer studios, and two-, and three-bedroom options. With its convenient proximity to the city’s Information Technology parks, this area is among the best in the metropolis.

Each of Prestige Lavender Fields’ premium services was thoughtfully designed with today’s renter in mind. It’s one of a kind when compared to other neighborhoods because of the high-quality amenities and services it offers. The clubhouse’s amenities include a large lobby, swimming pools for both adults and children, squash courts, badminton courts, a pool table, an indoor sports arena, a multi-purpose hall, a health club, a cricket pitch, basketball and tennis courts, a jogging track, a skating rink, a cycling track, a play area for kids, and a theatre room.

To ensure that residents can unwind without venturing far from home, the project has included all the necessary fun and meaningful leisure activities. Having areas dedicated to senior citizens, pets, gardens, and landscaping makes for a more blessed, peaceful, and beautiful life for all. Beautifully landscaped parks and other green areas are included in the project to help residents connect with nature.


The community of Prestige Lavender Fields features a gym, pool, yoga pavilions, intercom phone, children’s play area, theatres, indoor games room, jogging track, clubhouse, and surveillance cameras. All of the high-end amenities at your disposal in Prestige Serenity Shores are aimed at giving you a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The property takes great pride in offering its residents a wide range of high-quality amenities and services. 

Prestige Lavender Fields in Bangalore is a residential apartment pre-launch project curated by the renowned Prestige Group. This is an essential component of Whitefield’s notoriety. Many important businesses, information technology companies, and employment hubs can be found nearby. As a residential area, it has benefited from its proximity to these centers of commerce and culture. Foresighted consumers will be pleased to know that several builders have responded to the market demand with new and exciting housing concepts. As a result, architects and builders created the luxury community of Prestige Lavender Fields. 

The best job opportunities are in the city of Bangalore in India, which is a major center for the IT industry. Growing numbers of people are making the move to India’s IT hub. People flocked to Bangalore from far and wide in hopes of improving their standard of living by finding work and purchasing property in the city. The rising number of people necessitated the construction of numerous new dwellings, which in turn caused a real estate boom. Since Bangalore’s inception, the construction and sale of homes have been a thriving industry. When they’re ready to get settled down, some people will opt to rent an apartment rather than consider purchasing one.

Homes in this opulent complex will range in size from 1 to 3 bedrooms (BHK), and they will all be of the highest quality. The entire development will take up 3 million square feet. Consumers looking to feel more at peace and joyful should check out Prestige Lavender Fields. The Prestige Group’s dedication to technological advancement and architectural excellence is displayed in this great building.


This highlights the growing significance of picking a location that provides both the ideal atmosphere and the necessary technological solutions. We’d all rather not have to deal with the hustle and bustle of city life. There is a multipurpose hall, a senior citizen section, beautiful gardens, water features, constant water and electricity, fast elevators, and more at Prestige Lavender Fields. 

This is a secure and convenient place to live for your lifestyle needs. The parks in Prestige Lavender Fields are great places for get-togethers of all sizes. Wide walkways, a well-equipped gym, a swimming pool, a yoga pavilion, a children’s play area, a spacious cycling track, and adequate space for senior citizens are just some of the ways Prestige Group demonstrates its concern for its homebuyers. 

Prestige Lavender Fields has a state-of-the-art security system that includes 24-hour surveillance via closed-circuit television, intercom phones, gated areas, regular police patrols, a phone alarm, and access restricted to authorized individuals. Separate gas lines will be installed for each dwelling. Outdoor tennis, basketball, cricket, and badminton courts are also available, in addition to a fully-equipped clubhouse. All ages can find something entertaining to do in the game room. The architects behind Prestige Lavender Fields also spent time designing a sustainable building. A dependable water management system, as well as constant access to electricity and running water, are all features of this unit. 

Sports, leisure, community, security, and fitness are just some of the stress-relieving activities available at Prestige Lavender Fields. There are many conveniences available to residents of Prestige Lavender Fields, including a grand entry vista, a splendid clubhouse, a majestic fitness station, a gym, a children’s play area, seating courts, a children’s pool, a health care center, coffee shop, aerobic deck, board games, cricket practice net, multi-purpose sports courts, mini theatre, grocery stores, ATMs, conventional community hall, guest rooms, and 24-hour surveillance systems.

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