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Whitefield is easily linked to important communities in the city through a number of road connections. Varthur, Hoodi, Sarjapur, Electronic City, K R Puram, and Budigere are just a few of the significant cities that are connected to Whitefield. The distance from Bangalore International Airport to Whitefield is about 36 km and it takes 1 hour to go there.

The Purple Metro line’s upcoming connectivity will be a factor contributing to transportation that connects the eastern region with the rest of the city. The majority of the Metro line’s route will pass through Whitefield on its way to K R Puram, Cubbon Park, and Kengeri. The property values in this area have risen due to the region’s economic activity, connectivity, and infrastructure setup.

Buyers can choose from a variety of residential properties in Whitefield’s real estate market. The area is surrounded by famous educational institutions, recreational amenities, entertainment hotspots, retail establishments, and medical facilities. Due to its strong connectivity and great infrastructure for social and physical development, it has experienced major expansion.

It is one of Bangalore’s best-known real estate districts. Many international businesses have come to Whitefield because of its presence in the Export Promotion Industrial Park and the International Tech Park. 

Landmarks in Whitefield

Some tech Parks in Whitefield are

  • International Tech Park
  • Manyata Embassy Business Park
  • Mind Comp Tech Park
  • Kalyani Tech Park

Some top schools and colleges in Whitefield are:

  • Deen’s Academy
  • Vibgyor High School
  • Whitefield Global School
  • MVJ College of Engineering
  • Venkatesha Education Society


The Prestige Group, a well-respected builder in the Indian city of Bangalore, has announced the launch of a luxury new residential project called Prestige Lavender Fields in the residential area of Whitefield. One of the city’s most sought-after residential towers, it’s situated in a promising new area of town. This residential development is emblematic of a high-end, sophisticated way of life because of the exquisite fusion of contemporary urban design and traditional charm.

Location is one of Prestige Lavender Fields’ many big pluses. The Whitefield setting is ideal for the development because it is in a sought-after neighbourhood that has a significant demand for new homes. Whitefield in East Bangalore has received an enormous boost from the construction of new infrastructure and the expansion of existing social services in the area. Rapid development in transportation has made this area one of the most desirable in all of Bangalore. Lots of overpasses and tunnels serve the region. Professionals in the area will be forever grateful for this opportunity. With so many excellent places to eat, shop, study, and stay, this area is quickly becoming a prime residential sector with first-rate transportation options.

Prestige Lavender Fields Location

Prestige Lavender Fields is a brand new, cutting-edge community in Bangalore that was just announced by a reputable home builder, The Prestige Group. This well-thought-out community in Bangalore is an excellent option for anyone looking to settle down there. Located in an up-and-coming area of Bangalore, the opulent Prestige Lavender Fields development features luxury apartments. The site is situated close to many highly regarded educational institutions and medical facilities. This location is highly desirable for potential residents because of its proximity to several important commercial hubs. 

Numerous people from all across India relocate to urban Bangalore because of its standing as a centre of economic and cultural innovation. The country’s recent economic success has made it a desirable location for businesses of all bands, both public and private, domestic and international. Rapid improvements to the city’s infrastructure and the presence of a vibrant and varied cultural scene have attracted a large and growing population to the area. Those who relocate here enjoy an overall higher quality of life. The real estate market has been expanding at a rate comparable to other markets. Increased demand is being felt across many industries, but the housing market in particular. Most city dwellers have made it clear that they value the ability to purchase a high-end residence in a prime location. Realtors go above and beyond to find their clients the perfect apartment, villa, plot in a complex, or even a township. 

Prestige Lavender Fields is a stunning collection of homes that will soon be introduced in one of Bangalore’s most desirable neighbourhoods by Prestige Group, a reputable and successful South Indian builder for decades. Depending on your budget, you can choose from one of the many spacious one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartments that are being built in this residential complex. Prestige Lavender Fields is, strictly speaking, a “pre-launch” business. Large, bright homes with lots of windows can improve the lives of their inhabitants because of the extra light and space they provide. This honed border will be home to a plethora of precinct amenities, such as parks, plazas, fitness centres, entertainment venues, bodies of water, and open spaces. 

Your Prestige Lavender Fields address is sure to be competitive with the best that the area has to offer. For inhabitants to feel a sense of ownership over their neighbourhoods, builders always use legible address numbers. The developer gives careful consideration to both the area and the specific street address. The real estate agent will likely make an announcement about the property’s specifics and location before the upcoming Prestige Lavender Fields pre-launch. 

Prestige Lavender Fields, like all of the real estate agency’s other projects in Bangalore, will be located in a prominent district. Over several decades, Bangalore’s population has grown exponentially. Everything needed for a flourishing community is situated nearby. It is expected that the basic infrastructure will either already reside or grow immensely. Excellent roads and road services, metro connectivity connecting towards the crucial locations within the city, an easy drive to the job zones, etc. will all be present in this area, and so will reputable shopping malls, retail options, movie theatres, food courts, beauty salons, entertainment centres, kids’ zones, hotel chains, banking institutions, multi-speciality healthcare, etc. If the developer has doubts about the area’s economic viability, no residential construction will begin there. It has been said that Prestige Lavender Fields is situated in a very desirable area of the city. 

The use of a location map is essential in the real estate industry. The project’s location and the nearby points of interest are described in detail. The map highlights various features including roads, bus stops, metro stations, shopping centres, schools, universities, government buildings, lakes, etc. It’s a fantastic tool for narrowing down your options before making a purchase. Any significant points of interest in the Prestige Lavender Fields area will be prominently displayed on the accompanying map. Shortly, the real estate agent will hand over a map pinpointing the home’s exact location. 

If a location has excellent transport links, a robust social infrastructure, and rapid appreciation, it will attract the best residential and commercial developments. Apartments, penthouses, classic villas, and small houses can all be found in Whitefield, and each one can be tailored to your preferences with the help of the area’s top-notch team of home developers. 

Investing in a rapidly expanding area is the best bet for real estate. Prestige Lavender Field, a neighbourhood in Whitefield, meets all three of the most important investment criteria (accessibility, affordability, and appreciation).

Prestige Lavender Fields is the newest collection of high-end residences from renowned builder Prestige Group, and it’s a goldmine for homebuyers and real estate investors alike.

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