Bangalore’s atmosphere has recently experienced a major change going from styled and peaceful to dynamic and vibrant. A wonderful increase in the market. This is due to the city’s growing demand for residential real estate.

While this change has been visible throughout the city its south zone has experienced particularly quick growth.

This beautifully situated apartment complex by the name of Prestige Primrose Hills is currently under construction on Kanakapura Road in South Bangalore.

It provides 1680 units of 1 and 2 BHK homes over a 15-acre area and 15 buildings, each with 14 stories and 1 and 2 BHK, make up the complex.

A 1 BHK Apartment is priced at Rs. 35.45 Lakhs. This cheap apartment announces the introduction of a famous builder from South India into an important market in Bangalore.

The 1680 residences are all constructed to receive as much natural light and fresh air as possible. Every residence has a stunning view of the main courtyard due to the way the buildings are constructed.  


Prestige Primrose Hills provides the most advanced specifications available. Gardens that have been properly landscaped, paint that is weatherproof and dust-free, flower walkways, water features, a street, etc. 

Prestige also introduces green initiatives like a sewage treatment facility, organic waste converters, water recycling, rooftop rainwater collection, solar lighting local machines for common spaces, and clock lighting. The use of such quality equipment will help to maintain a Prestige creation’s beauty in the real estate market.

All of the towers are being built according to modern architecture and design which focuses on the use of space, natural light, and ventilation.

There is plenty of room and plenty of green space between the towers. Every property enjoys magnificent views of the peaceful, forested central court because all the towers are placed according to Vastu consultation.

Each Tower is connected with lifts that are the proper size and capacity. It also receives support with lift maintenance. For the families’ protection and security, many measures have been provided.

At each tower’s entry and exit, there is a security cabin and CCTV cameras cover the entire building. Residents will receive a backup power supply and a continuous water supply and there will be DG Power Generators available in the building.


The residents of this housing development will definitely benefit from the future IT Park nearby. Bengaluru known as Silicon City is one of India’s urban areas that is growing the fastest.

Due to its growing IT industry millions of people come here every year in search of employment and business opportunities but for each individual distance is the main challenge to their development. While one has to travel for one to two hours daily in heavy traffic Prestige Primrose Hills residents would highly help from all of this.

They can easily get home because there is a road that connects it to Electronic City. It is one of Bangalore’s most renowned and established real estate developers Prestige Group. For the residents of Bengaluru, it is credited with building some of the city’s most beautiful buildings.

The company’s primary concept is sustainable development and they are experts in the use of trying to cut technology to create projects that are truly amazing.

They are more than 200 projects have already been completed by them and another 55 projects are in the works. The company would want to recognize consumer appreciation for its success. 


The best amenities have been provided by Prestige Group so that residents can live comfortably. Both homeowners and guests can park their cars in a number of spaces.

The designer has provided appropriate space for the residents to participate in games and sports keeping in mind that these activities are a natural part of human activity.

The building has a well-designed tennis court, cricket field, football play area, basketball court, swimming pool, and outdoor gym. For these games and sports, residents won’t need to leave their area.