Prestige Lavender Fields


Modern specifications are available to residents of Prestige Lavender Fields. The common areas of the project are finished with aesthetically pleasing, high-quality materials. Premium quality flooring can be found in the building’s main lobby, upper-floor common lobbies, and corridors. Full DG redundancy was provided for essential life support systems like fast elevators with a good reputation, ground floor common area lighting, and so on.

There are cameras installed in the lobby and other common areas on the ground floor, and security personnel makes regular rounds. The project features state-of-the-art infrastructure, including sewage treatment works, an organic waste convertor, groundwater recharging pits, and rainwater collection units. As a result of its high-end features and central location, Ahad Serenity has quickly become one of East Bangalore’s most talked-about developments. 

The Prestige Group, a well-known real estate company, has developed a new residential apartment project in Bangalore called Prestige Lavender Fields. Its convenient proximity to several urban centers has made it a booming housing market. Numerous commercial hubs, technological behemoths, and employment hubs can be found in the area. To meet this surging need, some developers have introduced cutting-edge housing choices for forward-looking buyers. As a result, the prestigious Lavender Fields neighborhood was built. 

If you want to advance in your career, you should move to Bangalore, India, a major center for information technology. The population of India’s tech capital, Bangalore, keeps rising. Bangalore has become a magnet for people from all over the world who are in search of better job prospects, higher salaries, and more upscale housing. The demand for housing increased, leading to a boom in the housing market. Since the city’s inception, real estate in Bangalore has seen consistent growth. When they’re ready to settle down, some people opt to rent an apartment rather than buy one. 

Prestige Lavender Fields is aimed at those who want to instill feelings of happiness and contentment in others. There will be 1, 2, and 3 BHK units in this luxurious, cutting-edge complex, which will cover a total area of 3,000,000 square feet. With the Prestige Group’s standards for innovation and mastery in mind, this extravagant building will be lauded as a truly exceptional masterpiece. 

Prestige Lavender Fields, a residential development designed by illustrious architects, will be built with cutting-edge techniques and materials. The apartments here are spacious, and there are many windows and good air circulation. Whenever a new group is formed, Vaastu principles are taken into consideration. Prestige Lavender Fields, like the rest of Prestige’s assets, will begin to generate more revenue over time. The apartment complex’s official opening date will be announced soon. 

The design standards in Prestige Lavender Fields are the pinnacle of a high-end, cutting-edge way of life that fuses modern comforts with classic luxuries. The value of your home could increase as people who don’t want to live there choose to rent or sell it to those who do. 

As a large metropolis, Bangalore is home to a diverse population with many different backgrounds. Young people can gain from this experience by expanding their horizons and learning about other cultures. Without a shadow of a doubt, Prestige Lavender Fields is the premier location for property investment. The Prestige Group, like many other developers, has built many housing complexes featuring a wide range of dwelling types, from single-family homes to apartment buildings. 

Prestige Lavender Fields features a club, pool, kid’s pool, medical centers, play area, badminton court, mini theatre, party yard, tree-lined pathways, gym, jogging track, ample parking, tennis court, cricket practice pitch, community hall, futsal court, trellis walkways, activity platform, bicycle parking, sitting courtyard, and garden. It is a perfect location. 

You can relax and enjoy life in this secure and convenient complex. There are several nice parks on the grounds of Prestige Lavender Fields, ideal for social gatherings and family reunions of all sizes. The community features many amenities designed with the residents in mind, including wide walkways, a fully-equipped gym, a swimming pool, a yoga pavilion, a designated children’s play area, spacious cycling paths, and designated areas for the elderly and those with special needs. 

RCC-compliant framing,  Exterior and interior walls are both constructed from 8-inch thick masonry blocks. 

The living room, dining room, and stairway all feature Italian marble flooring. There is engineered wood flooring in both the master bedroom and the adjoining dressing room. Each room, from the kitchen to the study to the bedrooms, is tiled with ceramic vitrified tiles. Indoor Floor Tiles are Made of the Finest Porcelain Material. 

The frame and shutter of the main door are both very sturdy. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and utility doors can all benefit from our high-quality door frames and shutters. Mosquito screens installed on UPVC-glazed windows. 

There are first-rate CP Piping fittings for your hygienic piping needs. Superb PVC piping for draining rainwater and sewage. A portion of the water used in the bathrooms is recycled and purified for use in the kitchen sinks, showers, and commodes. Catching rainwater within the sewage system. 

Security is essential, so make sure there are gas detectors and an intercom installed and ready to use 24/7. Every single intersection has at least one surveillance camera. 

Electricity is supplied to all homes by BESCOM’s grid, and the company’s stackable switches make distribution a breeze. All of the unseen pipes and cables are made of copper wire. To back up the full amount of required power with DG capacity, a diversity factor of 2.0 is required. 

The Prestige ideals of excellence and individuality are fully realised in this affluent neighbourhood. State-of-the-art technology that will be used in the construction of the project is currently being developed by some of the brightest minds in the industry.

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